About Us

Hello there!
I’m Al (she/her) the owner and maker behind Ally’s Knit Shop VIP 
I’m a mama to three kids, Charlie (5), Bex (3) and Victor (newborn!) and fur baby Odin (6) who I raise with my husband Matt.
My crafting skills have been passed down to me from my grandmothers and I am honored to keep up with their traditions.
I started my shop at the end of 2019 knitting lace bonnets. From there I expanded to sewn items for kids and adults. 

While I enjoy sewing, my first love will always be all things knit and my favorite things to make are hand knit sweaters/cardigans.
In fact I will be having a “traveling sweater” within my VIP that everyone will be able to borrow for free to have fun with and photograph! (Coming this fall)


I am so happy that you are here with me and I hope you enjoy my pieces as much as I do! 

welcome to the AKS fam!